Tips for caring for your tree and keeping it fresh:
-When transporting your tree, you can protect it from the wind by wrapping the trunk in cloth or plastic. The wind could otherwise dry out your tree and it's needles.
-When you get home with your tree, cut about a quarter inch off the bottom of the trunk so it can drink water, and put it in some warm water. Then put the tree in an area protected from the sun and wind.
-When you are ready to put your tree in the stand, cut another quarter inch off of the bottom of the trunk and place it in a stand that can hold at least one gallon.
-To keep your tree fireproof, make sure that the stand always has plenty of clean water.
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Natural Bugs and Spiders in Trees
​For information regarding the harmless bugs or spiders that may be in your tree, read the following article from Penn State Extension:

Praying Mantis Eggs 
For more information on the praying mantis that may be attached to your tree, read the following article from the Ohio State University Extension: