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The Coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly all aspects of life. Here at Otterdale View Farm, we have implemented certain policies to ensure the safety of all visitors. Whether you are a returning customer or it is your first time at our farm, there are certain details you should be aware of before starting your search for a tree.

  1. Maintain your distance - From the time you get out of your vehicle, please be aware of others and keep a minimum of 6 feet between you and other guests at all times. If you come within 6 feet of someone else, you are required to wear a protective facial covering.

  2. No indoor products/services - The indoor shop will be closed. Tree care products/accessories will be available for sale outdoors in front of the shop. To pay for your tree, please come to the window at the front of the shop.

  3. Contactless payment encouraged - We accept contactless NFC payment, whether it be from a contactless card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other contactless payments. We also accept EMV chip cards.

  4. Bring your own saw - To limit the possible spread of germs on surfaces, we are asking everyone to bring a hand saw if you have one. A limited supply of disinfected hand saws will also be available.

  5. No baling/wrapping - Please be prepared to secure your tree or tie it down yourself. As a precaution to limit interaction between people, we will not be baling trees this year. As normal, we will provide twine- you may use it to tie your tree down or even bale it by hand.

  6. No restrooms - We do not have public restroom facilities.

Social Distance
Family fun at Otterdale View Christmas Tree Farm.
Contactless payment accepted at Otterdale View Farm.
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